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Enabled a Fortune 500 Company to Refute a $25 Million Dollar Statistical Finding From a State Regulatory Agency

Case Study #1


According to the agency, the client (the Fortune 500 Company) had consistently underpaid a specific surcharge owed to that agency.

The finding was based on the agency’s data and calculations. The client’s Ph.D. statistician said, “I cannot challenge their argument directly.” So the client’s only option at that time was to pay both the surcharges (now equaling ~$25 million) and the accrued interest and penalties, which increased the total amount “owed” to ~$50 to $75 million.

The client’s attorney who was handling this issue brought David onboard for his insights, expertise and recommendations.


David recommended that the best way to address this issue was to reproduce the agency’s analysis with the same data. Using this methodology, he could determine if their process and findings were accurate or incorrect.

1) David overcame the agency’s resistance; obtaining the actual data and specific calculations from the state regulatory body.

2) Due to the huge size and confidentiality of the data set, David used computers owned by the client that had the power and complexity needed for that level of mathematical analysis.

3) Based on his knowledge and ability, David completed the analysis and by doing so found a flaw in the process that significantly impacted the statistical finding.


David enabled the organization to directly challenge and refute the agency’s finding. Per the client “We had no response until you got involved.” To date, the agency has not pursued this issue.

Software Tool & Database Allows Reiki Therapist to Increase Credibility

Case Study #2


A Reiki therapist needed a software tool that would keep track of her client’s sessions and billing, as well as their progress both in a written and visual format. Reiki is a hands-on process that works with the client’s life force energy. That energy can show up as different colored chakras which the therapist can see and unblock.

Originally, the therapist recorded the sessions on handwritten notes. However, without images showing how the client’s chakras change over time, it’s difficult for the therapist to illustrate discernable progress session to session. The lack of ongoing data also meant the therapist could not easily discern specific trends and do further analysis.


After asking the therapist a series of questions to gain a better understanding of her needs and goals along with information about Reiki and chakras, David:

1) Designed a database and interface enabling the therapist collect the appropriate information before and during each session.

2) Created and integrated into the software a collection of digital chakra images based on their “standard” colors, shapes and spinning directions (e.g. ellipses spinning clock or counter clockwise).

3) Appropriately correlated different fields in the database so that the therapist could run a standard set of reports and complete a trends’ analysis for individual and groups of clients

4) Developed standard and printable reports for the therapist to use and as appropriate provide clients.


David quickly created and delivered a working software tool and database allowing the therapist to do the following:

  • When working with a client in a session, she can now immediately document on her laptop, how the client’s chakras have changed.
  • Bolster her credibility as she can show the client how their chakras are changing over time, using reports with visually appealing imagery meaningful to those who have studied chakras.
  • As data is entered into the database, she can review trends and analyze the progress of individual clients’ as well as looking at her clients as group.

Increasing Effectiveness & Productivity with Easy-To-Use Corporate Data Analysis and Data Consolidation Tools

Case Study #3


A director at a Fortune 500 company was spending an inordinate amount of time putting together a monthly report for his superiors. Due to the time intensive nature of combining eight complex and disparate documents from different departments, he was devoting far more time pulling together and summarizing the information versus analyzing the results.

The director was seeking a solution that would automate the process of aggregating and summarizing the eight sources into one standardized document, which would include a count of the items being reported.

When David reviewed the actual reports and the client’s needs, the challenges included:

  • The difficulty of analyzing and summarizing eight different reports written in MS Word, each with its own terminology, data organization and formatting.
  • Each source document often covered the same issues but from a different perspective, which could lead to duplicative counting and inaccurate results. 
  • Just aggregating the raw information would not bring real value to the client. The end result needed structure, context and the functionality for users to search the results based on specific types of issues.


    Based on his skill, expertise and in-depth client interviews, David crafted a three step approach, enabling him to design a time-saving software tool delivering superior results and flexibility.

    1. Aggregate: David created an automated process that brought all of the source documents together for each monthly report.
    2. Integrate: After interviewing each department head (aka source document authors), he developed a process in Excel that integrated source’ data and managed duplicates. The automated process was based on understanding, and defining in the software tool how information and terminology in one document matched or correlated to specific data in the other documents.
    3. Synthesize: David designed the process and report format for summarizing the results in Excel based on the eight source documents. The tool also enabled users to search the results based on the appropriate keywords.

    David’s Excel software tool enables the client to:

    • Search all eight sources simultaneously with one input and view the results based on standardized column headings, organization and formatting.
    • Analyzing the data in different ways, based on the user’s ability to research items and create their own groups of items around a theme of their own making and then tag the group with their own analysis. This allows the individual to tie their analysis back to the items of reference upon which the analysis is based.
    • Produce a monthly report significantly faster, with more rigorous results and “apples-to-apples” summaries, counts and analysis.

    Excel Software Tool Preventing Contractor Overpayments & Increasing Customer Service Quality and Productivity

    Case Study #4


    The client, a director at a Fortune 500 company, is seeking a solution to avoid overpayment of contracted provider payments.

    Currently the internal provider contracting professional who handles these payments manually searches and cross matches information based on a huge dataset of Excel records, to complete the approval process. As such, completing each payment as well as reviewing historical data to address complaints, is highly time consuming and prone to error.


      David’s consultation with client and the provider contracting professional led to the following:

      • David developed a robust software tool and process using Excel that could easily handle cross-matching millions of rows of data.
      • He correlated key payment information to double check payment data; preventing overpayment.
      • He designed automated searches and cross matches allowing the customer service person to quickly process payment requests as well as research data.


        David’s Excel software tool and solution:

        • Prevents contractor overpayment with automated cross-matches and an easy-to-use design.
        • Saves significant time. The customer service professional now has more time to dedicate to other job responsibilities, including providing improved and faster customer service.
        • Allows the customer service professional to quickly address customer questions and complaints.

          Broad Functional Experience

          Areas of Applied Data

          • Call Center Metrics and Forecasting
          • Call Center Volume Analysis
          • Claim and Call Correlation
          • Service Level Agreement Analysis
          • Claim Timeliness and Accuracy
          • Regulatory Risk Analysis
          • Regulatory Findings Disputation
          • Medical Credentialing Management
          • Medical Utilization Management
          • Producer Licensing Reporting
          • Provider Contracting Data Reporting
          • Reporting Automation Requirements
          • Financial Reporting
          • Regulatory Reporting
          • Compliance Reporting
          • Statutory Requirements
          • Compliance Requirements
          • Data Requirements
          • Data Mining Project
          • Stratified Sample Statistical Analysis

          Colophon: The eye of straightforward vision represents direct seeing. Though the data may be complicated, I strive to render the essential insights in such a manner that they may be seen directly by the intuitiion.

          The Straightforward Eye and Colorful Data - Private Data Guru

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